"Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated."

Here is a brief overview of some of our assignments. Have fun dreaming about what is coming your way!

Paul Rand

This is an incredibly fun project. Using your best Photoshop skills you will create incredible images that appear to be real, but there is just something off about it. You are encouraged to use your creativity and really think outside the box. Your main objective is to bring two images together that appear to have the same light source, white balance and perspective. So when pieced together you can't tell that they were blended together. And so making the illusion of being completely real.

- Combine at least 2 images to make 1 seamless photo.
- Use surrealism to inspire your photo.
- Match lighting, white balance and composition.
- Spend time blending and making it appear to be one.

You will be graded on:
>> Photo Choices     >> Blending     >> Concept

Photo Manipulations

Focus: Screenprinting & Simplicity

Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Add a great design and suddenly you are wearing it everyday. T-shirt designs are tricky though. You can only design with the limitations of the equipment given to you. For this project you will be learning about the process of making shirts and how various companies make them. Then, you will have an opportunity to make your very own shirt. 

- Sketch up various ideas for your shirt.
- Draft up your concept on the computer to create an image.
- Clean up edges and colors to make a final draft that reads well.
- Choose the colors that you would like to use. 

You will be graded on:
>> Clarity of Design     >> Composition     >> Construction 


Focus: Telling a Story

One image can say so much. For this assignment you will be creating a yearbook cover that tells the story of Faith Bible. This can be one image front to back or several images that cover the book. As a class we will create the concept for the cover. Your job is to create the image.

- Take the concept for this year's yearbook and sketch up ideas.
- Take your best concept and begin to draft up your design.
- Make sure your image is high res!

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> How Well You Told A Story     >> Composition

Yearbook Cover

* Sample Work

One of the most important skills to learn when creating art is how to tell a story. I want you to think about how you spend your time in the school halls. Maybe you sit on the bench to talk with a friend or you search your messy locker for that calculator that always seems to be lost. I want you to tell the story of what happens in the halls of Faith Bible. You will be creating a person out of shipping tape that will stand in the halls as students go to and from classes. 

- Create a tape person interacting with something in the hall
- Your tape person must have at least 1 tape prop.
- Your person must stand, hang, sit or lay down in a way that it will be stable and easy to "anchor" into position.
- Create a 5x7 placard that has your name, grade and title of your work. You must also have a 3-4 sentence
  paragraph talking about your person and what you would like people to understand about them.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> How Well You Told A Story     >> Construction 

Recreated Labels

Focus: Space Planning, Negative Space, & Branding

Not County Fair....but Country Fair & Auction. Each of you has officially been commissioned to create the art work for our very own Country Fair & Auction! Your job is to create a logo, poster and website banner that really shows what this event is all about. If your work really impresses the fair board then it might just be this year's official marketing pieces!

- Create a logo that is clear, bold fits the aesthetic of the fair. 
- Create a full collection of marketing pieces that are cohesive together.
- Your poster will be 11x17 and will need to include all the information for the fair.
- Your website banner will be small, so find a creative way to include all the information that you need to share in a small space. 

You will be graded on:
>> Clarity     >> Professionalism    >> Color Theory

Country Fair Promotion

Focus: Hierarchy & Branding

It's always good to help our freshman out. They are working on a year long project where they are creating promotional books for their non-profit organizations. We are going to design their cover pages. You will be paired up with a freshman team to discuss ideas and concepts. With the information you receive you will then design a cover. 

- Meet with your freshman team and ask them questions about their organization.
-Create a concept with colors, design themes and rough draft sketches.
- Meet with your team to make sure you are meeting their expectations.
- Finalize your work and present to your freshman team.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Composition     >> Branding

Freshman Cover Project

* Sample Work

Focus: Branding

It's always great to share our talents with others. The freshman have a year long project where they are creating non-profit companies. We are going to be creating the logo for those non-profits. For this project you will be matched up with a freshman team and your job is to find out all the details about their company. With those details you are going to make a logo that really tells the story of who they are.

- Create a list of questions that will help you to understand their company.
- Sketch out sample ideas and share them with your freshman team.
- Taking their input, begin drafting up your concept in Photoshop.
- Present your rough draft to your team for final input.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Simplicity     >> Clarity

Freshman Logo Project

FocusL: Utility & Current Trend Study

Tinker Hatfield is the face behind one of the most famous shoes in the world. The Jordans. We are going to use the inspiration of Tinker to sketch and create our own unique shoe. We will start off with concept sketches and then a full concept made out of paper mache.  

- Write down words that explain how you want your shoe to fit.
- Start to sketch ideas and concepts for your design.
- Consider what your shoe will be made of.
- Take one design and create a life size, to scale replica of your concept.
- Paint and texturize your sculpture to match your concept.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Concept     >> Construction 

Tinker  Shoes

Sometimes it's just fun to doodle and explore the natural occurence of what comes out of your head. For this project you will have the freedom to create freely and let your pen flow as it wants. You will be creating your master piece on white plates, mugs, cups, bowls...whatever you like. With a sharpie you will begin to draw lines to create patterns, movement and texture. 

- Bring a white dish to class ready to be used as an art piece.
- First conceptualize the lines and motion you would like to have on your piece.
- Start drawing your lines. Be careful to make them clean and consistent.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Clean Lines     >> Patterns & Balance

White Dishes & Sharpie

FocusL: Background, Middle Ground and Foreground 

The cover of a magazine is what makes us pick it up with intrigue. For food magazines it might be a dish that just looks incredible. Or maybe it's a highlighted story that sounds interesting. For this assignment you will be creating a cover for a real or fictitious magazine. It's really up to you. 

- Choose a magazine that you are going to design for.
- Then start to imagine the season and what might be highlighted in that issue.
- Take or find a picture that is cover worthy.
- Use various typefaces to create a look and feel that you want.

You will be graded on:
>> Composition     >> Typefaces     >> Cohesion

Magazine Cover

Focus: Motion & Balance

We are going to create our very own moving sculpture. Kinetic sculptures come in all different shapes and sizes. You can hang yours from the ceiling and let the wind blow through it. You can put it on a stand and let people interact with it. Maybe it's powered by human motion like someone riding a bike. The design really is up to you.

- Use balance and symmetry to create your concept.
-Use found objects to create your sculpture.
- It needs to move in some way.
- Think about how the light will hit it as it moves.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Composition     >> Construction 

Kinetic  Sculpture

* Sample Work

Focus: Packaging & Buyer Awareness

How many times have you pick up a product just because the packaging is neat? How many times have you avoided an item because the packaging was boring? For this project you are going to take a familiar item that you buy everyday and recreate the packaging. You will be presenting to the class a live example of your package, including how it opens and functions. Your job is to make us want to buy it!
- Use your sketchbook to list out items with bad packaging.
- Start to draft up concepts for various items.
- Choose your concept and begin to design your concept within Photoshop.
- Print and assemble your packaging.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Concept     >> Construction 

Smart Packaging

Focus: Composition & Utility

In the last decade there has been an explosion of extremely creative business cards that have hit the market. It's now your turn to create the next innovative business card. You can create your card for any business you like and it can be with any focus. Your job is to design the card and then make it come to life. You will be turning in 1 final business card to exact scale. 

- Search google images for creative business card concepts. 
- Sketch out your concept and how it will function (if there are moving parts)
- Then use Photoshop to start creating the print work.
- Print your design and start to assemble.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Composition    >> Construction 

Creative Business Cards

Focus: Composition and Persuasion

For a person seeking a job in the design world a regular resume just doesn't seem to fit in. Why not try a visual resume. This is the perfect opportunity to display your graphic talents by putting together a resume that tells the story of who you are. For this project you will use images to really sell who you are. The twist? You won't be creating a job resume, but a college resume.  

- Start to jot down all the information that you want to include.
- Decide on a general layout of your resume. 
- Begin to gather images that will help you display your info. 
- Start to piece your resume together and evaluate it's overall composition

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity     >> Composition     >> Selling Yourself 

Visual Resume

Focus: Simplicity & Negative Space

For this project you will have the freedom to create a promotional poster for any company you like. I want you to explore a concept that you are passionate about. Your job is to create a poster that promotes a company while using simplicity and negative space to really help your viewer focus in. Your poster will be printed and placed in the hall for all to see. 

- Start by researching other marketing material for your company of choice.
- Sketch out your ideas and concepts.
- Look for images that could be used for your design.

You will be graded on:
>> Clarity     >> Composition    >> Typeface

11x17 Poster

Focus: Paper Sculpture, Creating Motion

Quilling has recently become a very popular form of art. Using small strips of paper in a wide array of colors you can curl and build up layers to create beautiful shapes and designs. For this assignment you will be focusing on creating a design that displays movement. Your focus is up to you.

- Choose a focus that you think will be a great design.
- Choose strips of paper that are bright, bold and have a good range of hues.
- Show motion and movement with the use of your design.

You will be graded on:
>> Creativity >> Use of Quilling Technique >> Display Motions


Focus: Pencil Work & Persepective

What a challenge this assignment will be! To not think of your paper as a 2 dimensional object but something that can appear to have depth???? That's a hard concept. You will be challenged to not only create a typeface, but make that type face appear to sink and raise out of your paper. We will be working with perspective to try and generate this tough concept.

- Draw out a regular typeface without any perspective or depth added.
- Then regenerate the same words at a new perspective.
- Then add in depth to those words by adding shadows.
* We will be using Photoshop to help our minds wrap around this concept.

You will be graded on:
>> Appearance of Depth     >> Clean Pencil Lines     >> Strong Shadows

3D Word Sketch