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Faith Bible Christian High School is a faith based institution that provides a college preparatory curriculum and meets all established higher education criteria. Beginning with the 9th grade, we encourage students to consider their next step to higher education with regular opportunities to meet with college representatives at the school and concurrent credit offerings to enrich our students' educational opportunities.

We are fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the State of Oregon. Our electives in arts and sciences provide opportunities for students to explore personal areas of interest and develop as well-rounded individuals. Whether a student's interests is athletics, choir, or theater, Faith Bible Christian High School provides a wide variety of opportunities with a sharp focus on scriptural principals.

With an emphasis on academic excellence, Faith Bible Christian High School teachers and staff assist students in achieving their highest academic potential. Courses in English, science, history, physical education, and Bible, as well as an assortment of electives, balance our academic goals and priorities. This ensures that the school day is a blend of opportunities to develop student minds, hearts, dispositions, talents, and bodies.

Biblical Integration
Faith Bible Christian High School firmly holds the integration of God's word into daily teaching as a priority. The goal of biblical integration is to help students not only think biblically and critically about every subject but also about every aspect of their lives. When students truly understand something from a biblical perspective they gain a greater understanding of God's character and understanding of His design. Faith Bible Christian students are encouraged to view a subject the way God does and to see how this understanding impacts them personally in every area of their lives and in society. This daily integration, accompanied by daily prayer, devotions, and a weekly chapel service that focuses on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, make Faith Bible Christian truly a God-centered learning environment.

Fusion Groups
Once per month after chapel, students meet in "FUSION groups" to foster intergenerational relationships and become well-rounded individuals. FUSION groups emphasize the development of a biblical foundation that sticks with students when they launch from high school and beyond.